UreChem offers a concise line of clear coats to make product selection easier and yet versatile enough for a wide range of applications.  Our clear coats are formulated with premium polyurethane polymer resins from the top automotive resins manufacturers in the world.  Each product is fortified with UV absorber that absorbs the most detrimental component of sunlight, ultra-violet rays.   This ensures a long lasting protection from the elements for both the clear coat and the layers beneath.  Topcoat clears come in both medium solids, higher solids, and low VOC formulations that feature high gloss and depth of image for a “wet look”.  Low gloss clear is also available in Flat, Matte, Satin, and Semi-Gloss sheens.  Intercoat clear for blending color, or applying effect solids such as pearl powder, and metal flake is also available.