Automotive Paint Kits

Our paint kits include the essential components a painting professional needs to complete your custom paint project. Depending on the type of pain, our kits will include basecoat, midcoat, clearcoat, activator, and reducer.

What's In A Paint Kit?

A typical paint kit includes some combination of the following:
  • Basecoat - A layer of paint that's applied on top of the primer layer. In a single-stage paint job, the basecoat is the only layer of paint.
  • Clearcoat - Typically the final top layer in a paint job.
  • Midcoat - Typically applied to the basecoat and then covered by the clearcoat.
  • Activator - A catalyst or hardener that's mixed into the paint before application and facilitates drying/curing.
  • Reducer - A thinning agent mixed into the paint before application that facilitates proper application.
Most kits for cars, trucks, or SUVs will contain at least one gallon of basecoat. Most kits of motorcycles will contain at least one quart of basecoat.
Candy paint kits, for example, contain basecoat, midcoat, clearcoat, activator, and reducer.
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Why Buy A Kit? Why Not Buy Individual Components Instead?

For some products, it's better or cheaper to buy individual pieces instead of kits. But automotive paint isn't one of those products:
  1. Kit components are guaranteed to be compatible
  2. Kits perform better in terms of durability, luster, and fade resistance
  3. Kits are always more affordable because of lower shipping costs
Here at The Coating Store, our kits are popular because of our quality, and because we ship full gallons and quarts.

Motorcycle Kits vs. Kits For Cars/Trucks/SUVs

The main difference between motorcycle paint kits and kits for cars, trucks, and SUVs is size: It takes about a gallon of paint to cover a typical vehicle, whereas a quart will usually be enough for a typical motorcycle.Of course, there are exceptions:
  • Certain colors require more paint, as do certain paint application setups
  • Painter experience and skill will also effect how much paint is needed
  • Larger bikes - such as touring bikes with full fairings and saddle bags - may require additional paint
  • Gallon sized kits usually work fine for the typical car, Jeep, or 2 door pickup, but larger vehicles may need more
Not sure how much paint your painter will need? Contact us!
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Single Stage vs. Two Stage vs. Three Stage Kits

Because there's so much variety in single, two, and three stage kits, they're difficult to compare. Still, there are some things that are generally true:
  • Single stage kits are more affordable to purchase and apply than two stage kits, and two stage kits are more affordable than three stage kits.
  • Two and three stage kits are typically more durable than single stage kits, but of course there are exceptions...some types of paint are more durable than others.
If you're not sure about what kit to buy - or have questions about the difference between some of our kits - contact us!