Pearl Paint Explained

Pearl paint colors are made from special pearl and transparent pigments, resulting in rich and deep colors that shimmer.The pearlescent paint effect can be combined with both metallic and candy paint, offering an incredible number of customizations. Many pearl paints are applied in three coats (many white color pearls, for example, are three stage), but two and even single stage pearls are available.
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3 Stage Pearl Colors (Base, Midcoat, and Clear)

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Three stage pearls offer much of the color depth and luster of a traditional candy paint, but without the application challenges or durability issues that come with traditional candy. Three stage pearls also offer near limitless customization options, as the basecoat and midcoat color combinations are considerable. And for some colors - like white - tri-coat pearl can't be topped.

Of course, three stage pearls are more costly than two stage and single stage, and they also require experienced professional application.

2 Stage Pearls (Base and Clear)

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Two stage pearls are a pearlescent basecoat under a high gloss clearcoat, and they offer many of the benefits of a three stage pearl - namely, color depth, shimmer, and customization - without the expense of a third application.Two stages pearls are also easier to match in the event of a collision or body damage.

Single Stage Pearls

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Typically available in a low gloss finish, single stage pearls offer a unique look that's affordable to purchase and apply.Single stage pearls are also a unique alternative to standard solid color paint, giving your vehicle an atypical paint job at a good price.

Smart Ways To Save On A Pearl Paint Job

Since pearl paint isn't exactly cheap, here are some ways you can save:
  1. Invest in quality paint. It's always more expensive to buy two paint jobs instead of one. We only sell USA made UreChem paint for that reason.
  2. Reduce the number of applications. While three stage pearl paint is impressive, two stage pearls look great and save significantly.
  3. Go with urethane. Acrylic enamel paint is cheaper than urethane, but it's not nearly as durable as urethane.
  4. Buy Online. Both installers and the distributors they buy from add markup to the paint they sell. When you buy online, you can save a lot of money.
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