Metallic Paint Explained

Metallic paints have a sparkle that comes from finely ground metallic aluminum particles suspended in the pigment. By using particles of various sizes and reflectivity, the sparkling effect of metallic paint can be changed.

Metallic Paint Pros and Cons

When evaluating different paints, it's a good idea to think about three things:
  1. Ease of Application - Metallic paints can range from very easy to apply to more challenging depending on the color chosen. As a general rule, lighter colored metallic paints are more difficult to apply evenly than darker ones.
  2. Durability - Urethane metallic paints (which is all that we offer) have good to excellent durability.
  3. Color Selection/Choice - Because metallic paint can be customized with both different metallic pigments and transparent pigments, color selection is very good.
If metallic paint has any downsides, it's cost. While not nearly as costly to purchase or apply as a traditional candy paint, a painting professional will likely charge more to apply metallic paint than a simpler solid color paint.
Galactic Green is a Two Stage Metallic

Smart Ways To Save On A Metallic Paint Job

Metallic paint isn't the least expensive custom paint option, so here are some ways you can save:
  1. Invest in quality paint. Two paint jobs are always more expensive than one - we only offer USA made UreChem paint for a reason.
  2. Reduce the number of applications. While three stage metallic paint looks incredible, two and single stage metallics are better than ever.
  3. Go with urethane. Acrylic enamel paint has a lower price per gallon, but is no where near as durable as modern urethane paint.
  4. Buy Online. Paint can be costly because both installers and distributors mark-up the price. You can avoid both mark-ups buying online.

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Purple Haze Metallic